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Moksha Yoga featured on 190 North

Ingrid Yang Interviewed for SHAPE Magazine

Why Yoga Isn't About Being Flexible

With all of the bends, twists and poses that work your body into a human pretzel, yoga is certainly a form of exercise that stretches you out. Yoga can improve flexibility, increase range of motion and just make you feel longer and leaner. But if you're someone who gets discouraged because you can barely touch your toes without bending your knees no matter how many sessions of yoga you do, take heed. Yoga is about much, much more than flexibility...

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Moksha Yoga Center 10th Anniversary

In honor of Moksha's 10-year anniversary, director Michael Cowan created this documentary tribute to the studio.


Who gets the real deal with Groupon?
Does a Groupon a day mean you can put your coupon-cutting scissors away? NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports.


Moksha Yoga hosts Style Series

Chicago Cultural Hub
Moksha Yoga held a special event called Style Series in January. The free, full-day event offered the public a chance to sample a variety of classes. The 50-minute sample sessions included instruction in the Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara and Restorative styles of yoga and were followed by Q&A sessions.


Chicago Tribune showcases six poses

A Mutual Benefit: Yoga centers and volunteers both win from the relationship

Moksha's Yoga Family Tree

Spotlight on the Chicago Yoga Scene