Astanga Yoga

The Astanga (eight limbed) system of yoga was founded by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore South India. Astanga is a set series of postures that the student works on individually with a teacher at his or her own pace. For more information about Astanga and our Mysore program, click here.

Learn more about Astanga Yoga in Chicago.

Astanga Mysore is a silent practice where students learn each pose of the Astanga yoga practice at their own pace with individual guidance from the teacher. Students may arrive anytime during the class period and begin their practice. The primary method of instruction is through hands-on adjustments and the commitment of showing up on a regular basis. Mysore classes are recommended for all students, both beginner and advanced. The practice of Astanga Mysore is named for Mysore, South India, the place where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder and proponent, lived and taught. Learn more about Astanga Yoga in Chicago.

No Mysore class offered on Moon Days.

By resting on moon days, one connects with the cycles and rhythms of nature. Gravitational pull on the earth and the body, composed mostly of water, is subtle yet a powerful force in going deeper in practice. Enjoy the day off, especially if you have a daily practice.

Moon Days

Thu, Dec 24 full moon
Sat, Jan 9 new moon
Sat, Jan 23 full moon
Mon, Feb 8 new moon
Mon, Feb 22 full moon
Tue, Mar 8 new moon
Tue, Mar 22 full moon
Wed, Apr 6 new moon
Thu, Apr 21 full moon
Fri, May 6 new moon
Sat, May 21 full moon
Sat, June 4 new moon
Sun, Jun 19 full moon
Sun, Jul 3 new moon
Tue, Jul 19 full moon
Wed, Jul 15 new moon
Tue, Jul 19 full moon
Tue, Aug 2 new moon
Wed, Aug 17 full moon
Wed, Aug 31 new moon
Fri, Sept 16 full moon
Fri, Sept 30 new moon
Sat, Oct 15 full moon
Sun, Oct 30 new moon
Mon, Nov 14 full moon
Mon, Nov 28 new moon
Tue, Dec 13 full moon
Wed, Dec 28 full moon