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7-11amAlexia Bauer
Ashtanga Mysore
7:30-9amAimee Forsberg
Brittany subs Dec 23
Mindful Flow 1-2
10-11:30amWade Gotwals
Blanca subs Dec 23, 30, and Jan 6
Flow 2-3
12-1pmKimberly Dunn
Mindful Flow All Levels
4:15-5:30pmBetty Olson
Mindful Flow 1-2
5-7pmKirk Warner
Megan subs Dec 30
Ashtanga Mysore
6-7:30pmDaren Friesen
class ends at 7:45 Nov 25,Dec 2 and 9, Sylvia subs Dec 16 - Feb 16
Vinyasa 2-3
7:15-8:45pmNina Gaglio

*Ashtanga Mysore details: no practice/class on new-moon and full-moon days. Adjustments begin at 8am and end at 11am. Please finish your practice by 11:45am. Class ends at 10:00am on Sundays. Please join by 5:30pm on Tuesday nights.