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10:00-11:30amDaren Friesen
Please arrive 20 minutes early your first time to take the Dosha Constitution quiz. All Doshas are welcome.
Ayurvedic Flow 1-2
11:30am-12:15pmBhumika Bhatia
Bhakti yoga mantra (chanting) meditation
Mantra Meditation
FREE Class.
Hatha 1
12-4pmDaren Friesen
New program begins in March.
Teacher Training
Astanga Guided Primary
6-7:30pmDaren Friesen
Vinyasa 2
Bhakti yoga mantra (chanting) meditation
Mantra Meditation
7:30-8:30pmDaren Friesen
Please confirm 24-hours in advance, call 773-235-9642.
TT Free Info Session
7:45-8:30pmSubala Das
Bhakti yoga mantra (chanting) meditation.
Mantra Meditation
7:45-9pmAimee Forsberg
Daren subs January 24th.
Hatha 1-2