Gwen Mihaljevich   Intro to Forrest Yoga
Intro to Forrest Yoga - Gwen Mihaljevich

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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Intro to Forrest Yoga

Saturday Feb 18

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...By meeting yourself in the place where you feel unmet, something new and powerful happens. Something so simple yet so radical: You start to inhabit yourself. You reinhabit your...heart and bring it back to life” (81-2). from Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships by John Welwood

Often in yoga “opening your heart” is described in terms of surrender. In Forrest Yoga, we consider the process essential to restoring one’s connection to vitality and resilience. This process is necessitated by previous, often historically rooted, protective acts. The intelligence in these protective acts was to preserve the organism from overwhelm or death. In the process of examining those shields in this backbending class, we will explore areas around the heart including the chest, shoulders, upper back, and ribs. We will inquire if those protective patterns continue to serve your highest Good. Take-aways include finding ways to change your habitual life patterns to assist in your personal evolution.

About Gwen Mihaljevich

Gwen Mihaljevich, a Chicago based practitioner, works primarily in the healing arts and yogic traditions and has for 12 years under the auspice of Ana Forrest. With an academic foundation in music performance and therapy, her interests include deep study in addiction and recovery, behavioral development, nutrition, sports psychology, epigenetics, zazen, and integral leadership.

"My intent always is to use my unique gifts, talents, and perspective, both as a practitioner and teacher, to aid in the growth, development, and healing of my students and those in my care. To do so with dignity, I believe, is to honor both my teachers’ mission statements as well as my own: to work toward the greater unfolding of spirit in action."