Gwen Mihaljevich
Embodiment Workshop: Understanding Tension
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Embodiment Workshop: Understanding Tension - Gwen Mihaljevich

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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Understanding Tension

Saturday Apr 29

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In this Forrest yoga asana practice we will discuss, and more importantly, experience how tension is primarily a mechanism of experience regulation. When an occurrence is particularly unpleasant, there is a strong tendency to freeze and resort to finding familiar ground again; thinking and feeling are de-coupled. We literally harden our body to no longer feel. The behavior is neither bad nor is it a pollutant to the body. It plays an instinctual and necessary function for our survival. It undergirds our ability to fight/flee/freeze. Understanding the role tension plays in how we learn [about ourselves, our environment, others], enables us to work with it respectfully. As we start to work with tension in the body, we necessarily work with the conditioned responses that have been firing with and wired to it. As we inhabit our body, and the information flows freely again, we contact a fundamental sense of aliveness. In this process of yoga and becoming gradually aware of tension and restrictions in our body, we have a way to connect with who we really are. In learning to work with and release tension we learn to trust the body as the basic ground of our awareness and this authentically self-aware state of being.

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." --Proverb

We will learn:

  • To track impulse > sensation > emotion > thoughts in the body
  • How feedback loops keep us “frozen” energetically and physiologically
  • Best practices for working with out-of-date survival strategies
  • To use breath and awareness to soften structures that support no-longer-needed habits

About Gwen Mihaljevich

Gwen Mihaljevich, a Chicago based practitioner, works primarily in the healing arts and yogic traditions and has for 12 years under the auspice of Ana Forrest. With an academic foundation in music performance and therapy, her interests include deep study in addiction and recovery, behavioral development, nutrition, sports psychology, epigenetics, zazen, and integral leadership.

"My intent always is to use my unique gifts, talents, and perspective, both as a practitioner and teacher, to aid in the growth, development, and healing of my students and those in my care. To do so with dignity, I believe, is to honor both my teachers’ mission statements as well as my own: to work toward the greater unfolding of spirit in action."