Theresa Evans
Introduction to Hanna Somatics
Introduction to Hanna Somatics - Theresa Evans

Location: Riverwest, 700 N Carpenter, Chicago, IL 60642.

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Introduction to Hanna Somatics

Friday Jul 7, 2017

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Thomas Hanna created a series of gentle, safe, and hugely effective movements that eliminate pain, increase movement, and improve flexibility. During this practice, we are asked to work “smarter” as we reawaken sensory-motor pathways that let us gain full control of our muscles. When we have full control of a muscle – we can contract it to 100% if we need to, and more importantly – we then relax the muscle all the way to 0% contraction at rest. These movements are already “hard-wired” into our system. There is a safe starting point for every individual. The adage “no pain – no gain” does not apply when practicing somatics.

During this Introduction to Hanna Somatics, we will work with several of the primary somatic movements that target the core or center of the body. Arms & legs are optional for this practice session! Come with your trunk, your brain, a curious and attentive mind and begin to learn how to be your own practitioner as you get yourself out of pain using these gentle somatic movements. This class is suitable for every body, whether you are completely new to a movement practice, are experiencing some pain in your body, or have a long-standing practice that you want to deepen.

About Theresa Evans

Theresa Evans, RN, RYT500, CCSE, owns Stone Path Yoga & Somatics Studio located in Sister Bay, WI. Along with teaching ongoing soma-yoga and somatics classes, Theresa also has a full practice working with individuals who are in pain, post-joint replacement, or interested in gaining greater awareness of the possibility of moving freely at any age. She has taught The Myth of Aging Workshops to many people in Canada and the US who are interested in learning how to move without pain and has assisted with several Essential Somatics Somatic Exercise Coach Trainings (Level One) trainings.