Theresa Evans
Somatics Fundamentals Immersion Course
Somatics Fundamentals Immersion Course - Theresa Evans

Location: Riverwest, 700 N Carpenter, Chicago, IL 60642.

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Jul 8-9, 2017
Jul 8-9

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This two-day introductory course is for anyone with an interest in learning about or seeking to deepen their understanding of Hanna Somatics for their own personal education and exploration. No prior experience or training is required to participate in this course.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the core principles of Hanna Somatics: the science, philosophy, techniques, and Somatic Exercises. You will be led through Somatic Exercises in order to explore your own movement areas of Sensory Motor Amnesia. You will learn a basic routine of Somatic Exercises that can be practiced daily in order to restore muscle function and somatic awareness. We will explore the technique of pandiculation in pairs to establish a better understanding of how this technique affects sensory and motor function. Participants will receive the Pain Relief Through Movement audio CD and all appropriate learning materials.

Program Details
• Basic somatic philosophy, a brief history of Somatic Education, and basic neurophysiology as it applies to Hanna Somatics
• What sets Hanna Somatic (Clinical Somatic) Education apart from other methods of pain-relief and movement education
• What “Sensory Motor Amnesia” is, how it occurs in the brain and central nervous system, and why it is the cause of most chronic muscular pain and movement limitation
• How pandiculation differs from stretching (and how it restores voluntary sensory and motor control of muscles)
• How to apply the principles and concepts of Hanna Somatics to your life
• A basic routine of Somatic Exercises that, when done regularly, will result in renewed muscle control and awareness

You will leave the course with a daily routine of movements that, when practiced regularly, will relieve chronic pain and maintain freedom of movement for the long-term. The result is more fluid, efficient movement, improved breathing, drastic reduction of functional muscle pain, and improved somatic awareness. You will also have a sound basis of understanding of the principles and basic science behind the method of Hanna Somatics.

Bring paper and pen, water, and a yoga mat. Wear loose, comfortable clothing (no jeans, skirts, or dresses) that is easy to move in, as this is a movement-based course.

About Theresa Evans

Theresa Evans, RN, RYT500, CCSE, owns Stone Path Yoga & Somatics Studio located in Sister Bay, WI. Along with teaching ongoing soma-yoga and somatics classes, Theresa also has a full practice working with individuals who are in pain, post-joint replacement, or interested in gaining greater awareness of the possibility of moving freely at any age. She has taught The Myth of Aging Workshops to many people in Canada and the US who are interested in learning how to move without pain and has assisted with several Essential Somatics Somatic Exercise Coach Trainings (Level One) trainings.