Goddess Ceremony
Goddess Ceremony -

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Goddess Workshop

Saturday Jun 10, 2017

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Join a community of women to bring in the energy of the Divine Feminine. At this time on Earth, we need to bring about more of the feminine energies to balance out the dominating energies and bring forth positive change. If you are looking to make change, it starts on a soul level within each of us. This is a way to create a positive impact by focusing on what we DO want rather than what we don’t want. During the ceremony, we will study a Goddess, chant, move in our bodies, meditate, journal, anything that fits into that particular Goddess’s theme. We’ll use tools from nature such as essential oils, herbs, gems and crystals to use in each ceremony. Let’s create a community of women working to lift each other up, lift the vibration of the planet instead of competing and pushing against what we don’t want. Bring your fellow Goddesses and let’s create this positive movement! Bring your mala, crystals and prasad (a nourishing food like organic berries, dark chocolate, etc.). Tea will be served.