Bhairavi Shera
The Power of Language: Manifestation Board Party
The Power of Language: Manifestation Board Party - Bhairavi Shera

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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The Power of Language: Manifestation Board Party

Sunday Dec 17, 2017

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Create a manifestation vision board aligned to all that you wish to bring into your world for the year 2018!

Manifestation boards identify goals, aspirations and desires, and are created through pure intention. Using the Power of Language and the principles of the Law of Attraction, a new point of reference is created and manifestations are bound to come into existence more swiftly than expected! The completed board serves as a visual aid to maintain focus and to daily affirm the vision that wants to be manifested. Usually vision boards are created with focus on material items and ’things’ that are wanted, however, this workshop will lead us in creating a vision board aligned to the qualities of Self that are wished to be developed. When we align to the qualities of Self that propel us to be the best version of ourselves, we also see changes in our physical and material world in sync with these qualities. As we get better at being our Selves, our material world expands to provide us with all of the abundance and joy of which we know we are deserving!

Join us on this eve as facilitator, Bhairavi Patel M.S.Ed CCC/SLP, leads us on a journey into our hearts to set the intention for manifestation for the new upcoming year. Using The Power of Language in conjunction with the Law of Attraction within our creation, our manifestations are just around the corner!

The evening will begin with a ritual to create a safe and sacred space, a meditation to ground and clear our energy field and a manifestation meditation. After the meditations, we will build our vision boards with attention and focus on intentions for the new upcoming year. Once completed, place the vision in an open space allowing for daily reference and viewing to maintain focus on the your destiny.

Bring a snack/beverage for yourself and/or to share. Shared items are requested to be plant-based including no dairy, meat or eggs. Bring comfortable seating. All other materials are provided.

About Bhairavi Shera

Bhairavi Shera Patel is an intuitive clinical speech language pathologist whom has been using “Language Medicine” with her clients to assist in their attainment of goals. She has experience with the life-span of ages and has experienced the transformative power of language on well-being, personal healing and goal achievement. Shera is also a holistic nutritional counselor focusing on whole plant-based nutrition. She is completing 600-hr bodywork licensing as well as RYT 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. She is also an energy medicine practitioner being attuned to Level II Reiki and Level I Cranial Sacral Therapy. Among the above, she also provides intuitive card readings, spiritual counseling and language coaching with vibrational language analysis.