Venus Sabay
MasterClass: Qi Gong and Sound Healing
MasterClass: Qi Gong and Sound Healing - Venus Sabay

Location: Riverwest, 700 N Carpenter, Chicago, IL 60642.

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MasterClass: Qi Gong and Sound Healing

Friday Jan 26, 2018

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Discover the power of self healing through moving meditations to create a relaxation response to stress, sharpen the mind, enhance the immune system, and even reverse the aging process. It is a different approach to health. Instead of a high physical intensity work out, it is slow gentle movements and coordinated breath to allow you to cultivate your Qi, or life force energy. Think Tai Chi, but not martial arts based. The exercises are simple, repetitive, and build your energy instead of depleting it (like working out at the gym for example). You learn how to defend yourself against illness and emotional stress, and break the patterns that contribute to your stress. Just one class will leave you feeling centered, calm, and self aware.

Learn how to generate and sustain the warmth your body needs at this time of year! The winter particularly affects the kidneys causing low back pain, poor memory, the emotion fear, and sluggish Qi. In this workshop we will strengthen, cleanse, and increase Qi circulation in the kidneys, while improving overall immune function in the body. Zap away those winter blues and build your Kidney Qi! Class will end with a sound healing meditation using Tibetan Singing Bowls

Role of the kidneys: They control the bones, marrow, brain and manifests in the hair of the head. They play a primary role in water metabolism and the body’s liquids. They regulate and store our Essence, and therefore responsible for growth, development and reproductive functions. Essence is your hereditary constitution, and what you obtain from food and air. This Essence is converted into Qi used to supply the entire body, nourishing the brain and spirit.

Practicing Qi Gong with Venus Sabay has been a revolutionary experience. While doing extensive work, I have been able to recognize, feel, and discover much more about my energy. I have been able to prepare myself spiritually and to heal stagnant energy. . . . Overall, practicing Qi Gong has helped to improve my health, prevent chronic pain, and alleviate stress and intense emotions.- R.Vosler

My experience with your . . . classes has been powerful and meditative as well as a complement to the yoga I practice; The subtlety of Qi Gong generates a calm and shift in my energy which I consistently experience after each class. I also really appreciate your teaching style and serene presence which make a considerable difference. Lastly, I feel very connected to the guided meditations you end your classes with, pretty powerful. - D.Langdon

Your workshop was wonderful. I have been feeling fantastic since. I feel so grounded and centered. Even though I practice yoga, reiki, dance, etc. This has been that missing piece to my puzzle. Thank you for your energy and beautiful spirit! - R.Auset