Nancy Nesyto-Freske
Introduction to Somatics
For Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Body Workers, and the like!
Introduction to Somatics - Nancy Nesyto-Freske

Location: Riverwest, 700 N Carpenter, Chicago, IL 60642.

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Saturday Feb 17, 2018

regular: $80
member: $64

A New Freedom in Backbends and Forward Folds

Saturday Feb 17, 2018

regular: $45
member: $36

Discover the joy of moving into back bends and forward folds with ease and grace.

If you’re challenged by these types of movements, whether in your own body or with your students and clients, these are the movements you’ll want to learn to release chronically contracted muscles in the front and back of the body.

Uncovering Twists and Side Bends

Saturday Feb 17, 2018

regular: $45
member: $36

Discover how to free up the sides of your body so you can spiral gracefully into twists and melt into side bends.

Do you find rotations to be more pulling and tugging? Are side bends challenging or have they become boring? Learn movements that will release these areas so you and your students will fall in love with these energizing and healing asanas again!


What is Somatics?

Somatics is powerful movement retraining for everyone. Through the use of slow and gentle movements, Somatics teaches your nervous system to release chronically contracted muscles, giving you freedom from pain, greater flexibility and an increase in overall good health.

The Somatic principles you will learn in these classes will benefit everyone in their day-to-day activities – whether it’s Yoga, hiking, running, biking or sitting too long in front of a computer. You’ll also learn how you can prevent injuries and resolve chronic or reoccurring injuries.

We’ll dive into the principles of Somatics and learn fundamental movements that were taught by Thomas Hanna, the founder of Somatics.

Learn why stretching and force won’t work to change tight muscles.

If you wish to deepen your personal practice as well as learn movements to help your students and clients free areas that are limiting their movement, you’ll want to take these workshops.


Suggested Reading: Somatics: Reawakening the Mind’s Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health. By Thomas Hanna


Nancy Nesyto-Freske works with yoga teachers and students who wish to deepen their practice. She focuses on permanently resolving problem areas that prohibit them from fully experiencing yoga asanas because they have pain or stiff or stuck areas.

Nancy is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Yoga Therapist and a Certified Clinical Somatics Educator. She received her training at Somatic Systems Institute, Moksha Yoga, and Functional Synergy.