Bhairavi Shera
The Power of Language Series
The Power of Language Series - Bhairavi Shera

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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Jan 21-Mar 4, 2018

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The Power of Language

Sunday Jan 21, 2018

regular: $30
member: $24

Discover the conjuring power of language within yourself! Every thought we think, every sentence we speak, every passage we read and every word we write is creating our perceptual reality. Just as a paintbrush creates an image with every stroke on a canvas, the language we use, either consciously or unconsciously, creates in the same manner. Words and communication carry vibration that reinforces our states of being that we categorize in polarities of positive and negative. Language can either work for us, creating more of what we want, or against us creating more of what we do not want. In this 3 hour workshop, Bhairavi will outline strategies to become aware of our own language thought patterns and share applications to harness the creative Power of Language empowering ourselves in achieving our highest goals!

The Power of Language: Language As Medicine

Sunday Feb 4, 2018

regular: $30
member: $24

Only we have the internal anecdote to move through our personal experiences of difficulty. In this 1.5-hour workshop, learn of the resilient power that language and create a personalized daily dose of language medicine to assist in movement through difficult experiences. Our cognitive and subconscious minds have the capacity to change its perception with continued practice creating ease and fluidity in our lives. Providing ourselves with doses of language medicine creates immunity to situations requiring communication, internally and externally. We use language in communication with ourselves and with others. Using potent and effect language patterns can provide a shield to withstand hardship, obstacle and challenge. This workshop will tap us into our own internal language patterns and develop personal language medicine that is intrinsically derived to support self-strength and resilience.

The Power of Language: Meditation and Journaling

Sunday Feb 18, 2018

regular: $30
member: $24

Join Bhairavi for a manifestation meditation and journaling workshop using the Power of Language! Language is an innate skill that we use daily to get our needs met through various interactions with others. What we are missing is the power that language has over our internal worlds and how we use this power to create, either consciously or unconsciously.  In this 1.5 hour workshop, Bhairavi will lead us through a clearing meditation before we visualize our highest wishes, desires and brightest dreams. She will guide us in choosing high vibrational language to prepare for journaling that is in alignment to the visualization in its manifested form. The written portion will allow for ongoing reference to maintain high vibrational thoughts, feelings and sight of the goal. Abracadabra literally means, “As I speak, I create!” We can all become magicians of our worlds when we tune ourselves to the highest vibrating language! We so deserve this!

Don’t forget to BRING your journal or notebook! Hand embellished journals will also be for sale at the event.

The Power of Language: Calling in True Divine Love

Sunday Mar 4, 2018

regular: $30
member: $24

Harness the magical Power of Language to call in your most divine love relationship! The relationship with yourself! What’s stopping us from attracting the love we so desire from others in our lives is the patterning of our ’ego-mind’ that leads us into believing that what we want isn’t here already inside of us. Fortunately, we can use language, a skill that is innate to us, as a tool to help reverse this ’ego-talk’ and to align us to our ’loving-mind’ attracting all sorts of loving relationships to make our hearts soar including the most important relationship -- our relationship to SELF! This 1.5 hour workshop will provide guided meditations to connect to YOUR source of love. You will write letters of divine affection to yourself and your divine partner, current or soon to be manifested. Tips and strategies will be shared on how to embody high vibrations to attract and nourish your deepest love relationships. Awaken and claim the love that is all around you harmoniously reflecting your true divine nature!

About Bhairavi Shera

Bhairavi Shera Patel is an intuitive clinical speech language pathologist whom has been using “Language Medicine” with her clients to assist in their attainment of goals. She has experience with the life-span of ages and has experienced the transformative power of language on well-being, personal healing and goal achievement. Shera is also a holistic nutritional counselor focusing on whole plant-based nutrition. She is completing 600-hr bodywork licensing as well as RYT 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. She is also an energy medicine practitioner being attuned to Level II Reiki and Level I Cranial Sacral Therapy. Among the above, she also provides intuitive card readings, spiritual counseling and language coaching with vibrational language analysis.