Talya Ring
Spring Equinox: Shamanic Yoga Ceremony
Spring Equinox: Shamanic Yoga Ceremony - Talya Ring

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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Spring Equinox: Shamanic Yoga Ceremony

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Tuesday Mar 20, 2018

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Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the Time of the East. According to Blackfoot Native Tradition, this is the time of New Beginnings and budding New Life. This is also the time of the Warrior, the Heart Warrior, who fights for their Spiritual Growth and the betterment of the World. It is a powerful time when we can manifest our dreams and advance our personal goals. It is also a time when we can put Energy towards making our planet and our communities safer, brighter, happier places. All these are connected. As the animal associated with The East, the Eagle teaches us: this winged-one who flies highest and closest to Creator, helps us see the big picture while always keeping our eye on the target. When we grow and stretch ourselves, we create a ripple effect that reverberates far beyond our immediate circle.

I hope you can join me for a beautiful and powerful Spring Equinox Shamanic Yoga Ceremony.

As the Ceremony approaches, I will be sharing information about how you can best prepare for our upcoming Ceremony on my Facebook page “Shamanic Yoga with Talya Ring” (https://www.facebook.com/Shamanic-Yoga-with-Talya-Ring-1715924451756483/) so that you can get the most out of our Sacred time together.

The Ceremony is a mix of yoga and Shamanic practices, is accessible for all levels of yoga and Shamanic practitioners (including no experience), and is designed to help you tap into this potent Manifesting Energy that The Time of the East is blessing us with.

About Talya Ring

Talya Ring’s ceremonies are a fertile arena for connecting to the sacred and being uplifted. During these ceremonies, the veil between the spirit world and our own becomes thin. Participants are guided on how to move between the worlds in order to gain the power and insights necessary to write the scripts for the lives they truly want. They emerge peaceful, hopeful and calm, with renewed confidence in themselves and in their life. Talya has been teaching since 2004 and is an E-RYT 500 registered Yoga Alliance Instructor. She founded Shamanic Yoga, a practice which fuses yoga with indigenous ceremony, a powerful combination which brings about rapid life transformation in short periods of time Talya has traveled the world extensively leading teacher trainings, workshops and retreats. She has spent the last 15 years studying and practicing with medicine people from a variety of indigenous backgrounds including the Blackfoot People, the Cherokee People, and the Toltecs. Her Shamanic work is a unique fusion of her own deep spiritual practice in combination with all she has learned over the years. As with everything she does, she discards that which is outdated and clumsy, and melds together that which is relevant and effective into something pertinent and powerful. It is an inclusive practice which honors all backgrounds and religious beliefs. Talya is also co-founder of Turbodog Yoga. She and her husband, Steve Emmerman, created this strength-building practice based on the latest scientific understanding of how muscles lengthen and open. It is an exciting and super effective approach and students enjoy meaningful and lasting results.