Bhairavi Shera
The Power of Language: Calling In True Divine Love
The Power of Language: Calling In True Divine Love - Bhairavi Shera

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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The Power of Language: Calling In True Divine Love

Sunday Mar 4

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Harness the magical Power of Language to call in your most divine love relationship! The relationship with yourself! What’s stopping us from attracting the love we so desire from others in our lives is the patterning of our ’ego-mind’ that leads us into believing that what we want isn’t here already inside of us. Fortunately, we can use language, a skill that is innate to us, as a tool to help reverse this ’ego-talk’ and to align us to our ’loving-mind’ attracting all sorts of loving relationships to make our hearts soar including the most important relationship -- our relationship to SELF! This 1.5 hour workshop will provide guided meditations to connect to YOUR source of love. You will write letters of divine affection to yourself and your divine partner, current or soon to be manifested. Tips and strategies will be shared on how to embody high vibrations to attract and nourish your deepest love relationships. Awaken and claim the love that is all around you harmoniously reflecting your true divine nature!

About Bhairavi Shera

Bhairavi Shera Patel is an intuitive clinical speech language pathologist whom has been using “Language Medicine” with her clients to assist in their attainment of goals. She has experience with the life-span of ages and has experienced the transformative power of language on well-being, personal healing and goal achievement. Shera is also a holistic nutritional counselor focusing on whole plant-based nutrition. She is completing 600-hr bodywork licensing as well as RYT 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. She is also an energy medicine practitioner being attuned to Level II Reiki and Level I Cranial Sacral Therapy. Among the above, she also provides intuitive card readings, spiritual counseling and language coaching with vibrational language analysis.