Qi Gong & Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls
Qi Gong & Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls -

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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Qi Gong & Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

Saturday Nov 17, 2018

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Fall signifies a time of harvest, as we gather and reap the benefits of what we have planted since spring. It is about letting go and receiving, as we say good bye to summer and prepare for a reflective time to come. When lung Qi is healthy nasal passages are open, sense of smell is acute, and voice is strong. When weakened, there is nasal congestion, excessive mucus, impaired sense of smell, and weak voice. In this workshop we will strengthen the lungs, creating an improved protective Qi mechanism. Class will end with a crystal bowl sound meditation. Sound has the profound ability to raise your body’s vibration, while relaxing your senses. This unique combination with Qi Gong will elevate your consciousness to another level, you won’t want to miss!