Bhairavi Shera & Jay Taylor
The Light Within
with Sound Journey
The Light Within - Bhairavi Shera & Jay Taylor

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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The Light Within & Sound Journey

Self-study through Movement, Meditation & Journaling
Sunday Mar 31

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Join this workshop to deepen the practice of svadhyaya (self-study), through hatha yoga, meditation, and journaling. Jay Taylor of Current Vibrations will harmonize live sound for the experience. The yoga practice will prepare your body for intentional meditation and the journey inward to communicate with your inner voice. The journaling portion will allow you to self-reflect and to learn the language of your light within. We will circle in satsang thereafter to connect the group in collective sharing. Bring a journal, something to write with, your mat, and your friend! Integration feels more supported when there is a witness to share the experience with.

About Your Guide…
Bhairavi Shera is a Transformational Coach, Psychic Intuitive and New Earth Teacher of communication and language. She uses quantum healing techniques and timeline collapsing to trigger healing of past/core wounds to rebuild new communication patterns aligned to manifestations in the present by creating harmonizing core beliefs. Throughout her education and clinical work in communication disorders, she has experienced the lifespan of ages from newborn up to age 106. She has witnessed transformative power of language on well-being, personal healing and goal achievement. Bhairavi Shera has studied metaphysical consciousness through shamanism, meditative journeying and communing with sacred ceremonial plant medicines. Bhairavi is a bridge between worlds and a translator of the language of Spirit. Among the above, Bhairavi Shera is also a Hatha yoga instructor, holistic plant-based nutritionist and dynamic bodyworker. She was born in Canada and has been traveling/living in the USA since 2009. For more information please visit:

About the Sound Journey…
Jay Taylor is a musician, sound healer, shamanic practitioner, community builder, and urban farmer. He believes that everyone is doing their best at any given moment AND that expanding our version of ’best’ can be accomplished through the release of stress, healing of trauma, and the loving consideration of the body. As a special education teacher in Chicago for the past 10 years, Jay understands that he must meet each person he works with right where they are in their consciousness. Through the use of the gong, crystal bowls, shakers, voice, and guitar, Jay takes participants on a Sound Voyage that results in the total relaxation of the physical body, re-tuning of the energetic body, and the release of accumulated heavy energy. For more information please visit:

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