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Ayurvedic Cooking - Subala Das

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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Ayurvedic Cooking

The Higher Taste Workshop Series
Saturday Mar 16

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The Higher Taste is a practical course of 3 classes, designed to help you prepare authentic Indian meals in your home and to introduce you to the tradition behind India’s great vegetarian cuisine. We will cover not only some of the techniques of Vedic, or classical Indian, vegetarian cooking, but also an overview on the Vedic art of eating, which nourishes the soul, body and mind. In this class, you will learn how to transform the most ordinary vegetables into wonderfully flavored dishes, aided by the use of proper spices. In addition, we will learn to make the most popular and healthy of all Vedic breads—the chapati.

About Subala Das

Subala Das has a special way of making the teachings and practices of Bhakti-yoga very approachable and relevant. He serves as Senior Educator & Ashram Director of the ISKCON (Hare Krishna) temple in Chicago. Between the ages of 22 and 31 he lived as a Vaishnava monk, studying in the ISKCON ashram in New York City. He teaches Bhakti-yoga philosophy and Mantra meditation, which he has practiced for 35 years in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition.