Heather Oblak
Sacred Self Care Tantra Yoga Retreat -:-For Women-:-
Sacred Self Care Tantra Yoga Retreat -:-For Women-:- - Heather Oblak

Location: West Bucktown, 2528 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647.

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Sacred Self Care Tantra Yoga Retreat

-:-For Women-:-
Saturday Sep 14

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Being present in the moment opens up your experience of life. Through the practice of presence, you release limiting mental patterns such as stress and anxiety, and open your heart to the fullness and richness of experience available to you in each moment.

Using the body and breath as anchoring tools for awareness cultivates grounded presence within you. Without grounding, the mind remains susceptible to the fluctuations of the constantly changing conditions of the movement of life around you. By learning to consciously turn your focus inward through yoga practice, you develop emotional stability and mental balance that will radiate out into your relationships and your daily life.

Love is the foundation, and Self Love is the beginning.

Join Tantric Practitioner, Coach and Yoga Acharya Heather Oblak for Sacred Self Care Tantra Yoga Retreat -:- For Women for a full-day holistic introduction to the practice and philosophy of Tantra. The primary focus is to set the foundation, anchor the intention, and explore the possibilities of how you can ground your presence through Heart-centered intention in your practice and in your daily life. Using mantra, meditation, movement, breathwork, self-reflection and ritual, we will activate both the Root and Heart chakras and initiate heightened receptivity between them.

Weaving individual, group, and partner practices, this immersive retreat is an invitation for you to open the door to Self-discovery and begin a conscious journey into the Heart of who you are. Each moment offers you the opportunity to explore your own inner experience and connect with your inner source of wisdom and power. The foundational practices that you learn can be used as a template to develop your own personal self empowerment practice.

A unique feature of this offering is that you will receive an ajapa japa mantra initiation and will learn how to integrate it into a dynamic, meditative, breath-centered tantra yoga practice. The integrated practice is designed to clear, focus, and direct your energy.

You will also receive audio recordings of the meditations and a Sacred Self Mastery Kit that includes an intentionally handcrafted “Grounding Through the Heart” mala from India. These are gifted as energy-enhancing tools that you can take home with you and integrate into your daily life and self care practice.

Open to all who feel drawn to this offering. Prior yoga experience not required. Yoga-curious, beginners, and advanced practitioners welcome. As a way of honoring the intensive nature of this work and the unique expressions of divine masculine and divine feminine energies, this retreat is being offered separately to men and women. Please feel free to join the one most closely aligned with your inner energetic experience.

On the day of the retreat, please refrain from eating a large meal for at least 2 hours before, bring one bath-size towel. and wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move and breathe freely.


-:- Grounded Presence -:-
Root Chakra Activation
Ajapa Japa Mantra Initiation, stage 1

-:- Ayurvedic Sattvic Lunch -:-

-:- Self Love -:-
Heart Chakra Activation
Ajapa Japa Mantra Initiation, stage 2

About Heather Oblak

Heather Oblak is a Yoga Acharya, Conscious Living Coach Tantric Practitioner and Ascension Guide, and the creatrix of YogEvolve in Pittsburgh. With a passion for experiential exploration and an unwavering commitment to Self-evolution, her mission is to support and inspire seekers to allow their inner knowing to guide their path of awakening and transformation. Her calm presence and deep engagement promote self-discovery and reconnection with one’s inner source of wisdom and power.

Drawing from the yoga traditions of Krishnamacharya, Isha, and the Bihar School of Yoga, her approach focuses on the breath as the pathway to union of mind-body and masculine-feminine energies. Weaving timeless wisdom and philosophy with practice, she invites practitioners to explore the dimensions of their lived experience, lean into the unfamiliar, and allow their awareness to open to new possibilities for living and thriving.

Rooted in Heather’s deep, practical understanding of the spiritual awakening process and her 23 years of experience in applied mind-body-energy practices, her offerings are designed to empower seekers to cultivate a conscious heart-centered relationship with their Sacred Self -- so that in each moment they are moving closer towards embodying their innermost BEing and living a life of vitality, authenticity, passion, purpose and Presence.