Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much experience in yoga do I need to have to participate in this teacher training?

You can be totally new to yoga, or have years of experience. This program starts on a fundamental level that will provide a foundation and depth to any yogi’s practice and knowledge. 

2. How likely is it that I will be able to teach after this program?

You will have the teaching skills and knowledge of yoga to leave this program and begin teaching intro/basic or level 1/2 classes. Truly studying the material, building your personal practice and taking the time to harness your teaching voice, cues, and sequencing will also strongly influence how comfortable you feel to teach. The tools are provided but you must take initiative to construct your career. 

3. How long is the program from start to certification?

12 months, divided into 3 sections...

4. Why is this program so long and a bit more expensive than others in the city? 

This training is more in-depth and comprehensive than any other training offered in the Midwest.  The intention is to prepare you for both a deep knowledge of the practice and a professional career in yoga.  The breadth of knowledge and time to process and implement the teachings is necessary to become an insightful and authentic teacher of yoga. The quality of the training is reflected in the amount of hours of instruction, the access to world-renowned master teachers, apprenticeships, video-review, unlimited yoga classes, and course materials.

5. How large are the training groups?

For our programs in Chicago, we limit the program to 24 students.  For our programs at suburban studios the trainings range from a minimum 10 students up to 20 students.