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Tristan Krohn
Tristan Krohn
Tristan found himself on wits end. Struggling to find solace in life’s pleasures he spent his time drinking, fighting, and isolating himself from others in a numbed state that he preferred to his waking emotional pain. His deep seeded darkness found elucidation via the route of a college town Yoga studio. Amara Yoga & Arts in Urbana Illinois found its way into Tristan’s heart and left a life changing mark on his soul. This Yoga community brought light onto his dark troubles with existence. Yoga as union brought him up from dank cellar dwellings of a life not lived to an ascending quest for
complete oneness with himself and the universe.

Tristan practices a flowing yet aligned Vinyasa style of Yoga in hopes of finding the middle
ground between BKS Iyengar’s alignment teachings and Sri Pattabi Jois’s
Ashtanga Vinyasa. Through a life of devotion, knowledge, action, and
meditation Tristan seeks to unite these ways to find a unifying Yoga for

Tristan relishes every opportunity he gets to study under and work with Daren Friesen and
Gabriel Halpern here in Chicago. Other masterful teachers he has found the
pleasure to study under and work with have been: Aadil Palkhivala, Tias
Little, Nicolai Bachman, Bryan Kest, and Kino MacGregor.