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Maya Adams
Maya Adams
After 14 years of classical ballet training and internal and external body trauma, I would find it fair to say that yoga found me. I took my very first yoga class when I was 10 years old (for ballet reasons), but did not reconnect until I was 18 years old I was on a mission to find a way to reverse the damage that was done to my body at such a young age as well as re learn the breath and stumbled upon yoga teacher training. Stone house farm was an oasis where I grew, learned and became more in tune with nature and myself. My curiosity peaked with anatomy classes as well as pranayama lessons and I felt these areas would benefit my peace the most as well as my future students. I would like to encourage my students to move from an alignment based foundation while connecting the breath to movement, in a joyful and lyrical way. I would like my students to walk away from class feeling more connected to themselves and more mindful of the way that they dance through life.

Maya Adams’s Teaching Schedule

Wed 12-1:15 Hatha 1-2 Lakeview
Fri 12-1:30PM Hatha Vinyasa 1-2 Lakeview