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Andrea Rivera Maza
Andrea Rivera Maza
In 2011, having graduated from a French high-school, Andrea came to Chicago from El Salvador at the age of 18. She came to the US to learn how to speak English fluently. As a double major at Columbia College Chicago, Andrea earned two BA's, one in Business Entrepreneurship and the other in Dance. Her dream since childhood was to become a dancer. While attending college, Andrea worked at a dance studio, a fitness facility and the dance center of Columbia College performing in several shows.

Andrea assisted Dr. Citlali Lopez Ortiz for two years with her research, "How Dance Can Help Children with Cerebral Palsy" at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Evanston. There, she found her passion for helping children and teaching. Now, she teaches kidsĀ at Dance to Evolve and adults at MaZi Dance Fitness.

After her trip from Europe in 2016, Andrea started to practice Yoga. Her grandmother had sent her a Yoga book that she drew and colored in for her. Andrea's favorite part of Yoga is self-discovery. She enjoys practicing and she always has an open mind to discover new styles. In 2017, completed Moksha's 200hr foundation teacher training program under the direction of Daren Friesen. The training program changed her life.

Her movement is influenced by Latin dance, Tae Kwon Do, gymnastics, jazz, modern, hip hop, ballet and yoga. Besides teaching yoga and dance, Andrea enjoys analyzing and studying movement across different physical disciplines. Andrea is excited to start the journey with her new students. Andrea's goal is to empower her students, initiate the discovery of the self and show them that dream of. She currently teaches yoga for beginners. Andrea is influenced by various styles so as a student you can expect to move creatively and feel good! For more about Andrea, visit: