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Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan was introduced to Yoga by Matt Wilson during a drum set lesson in 1998 where Matt suggested Yoga as a way to work on posture to improve Scott's drumming. In 2017 Scott graduated from Moksha's 200-hour teacher training program. Scott has studied and continues to practice with over 100 yoga teachers over the past 20 years including Gabriel Halpern, Laura Henke, Daren Friesen, Jules Mitchell, and Wim Hof.

Finding yoga a fascinating and vastly diverse way to exercise, Scott was forever drawn to Yoga classes for the seemingly endless set of postures and other disciplines that are practiced and taught in modern yoga. He was also amazed at the amount of sweat that the human body can create in yoga practice, even when practicing at room temperature. Scott also enjoys the friendly yoga community flourishing at Moksha Yoga.

The question that led Matt Wilson to suggest yoga to Scott went something like this; I am having a problem with my hands and wrists going to sleep when I play, do you have any advice? It took a few years of practicing yoga for Scott to identify that he actually had some serious structural problems with his posture. These problems were from quite a variety of samskaras including sitting on the sacrum in "rockstar posture", practicing drum set, lifting weights incorrectly, and using the computer mouse.

It took Scott roughly 10 years of regular yoga practice to simply accomplish sitting up straight when seated on or near the floor, by re-establishing the natural lumbar curve and opening up the thoracic spine. More recently in 2015, Kimbery Dunn helped Scott identify a winging scapula, which Scott works on daily. Scott finds the vast knowledge of yoga teachers around the world to be a truly awesome source of knowledge, and suggests yoga to anyone and everyone, especially those with any kind of back or mystery pain.

In addition to teaching yoga, Scott composes and performs music in his musique concete / solo drum-set ensemble The Argon-Evolution, working on his third solo album.