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Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson
Brandon found Yoga after having a spontaneous awakening experience while living in New Orleans. The transformative power of the practice revealed itself as he used it to ground the unfamiliar and exciting new energies he was opening to. Brandon credits Swan River Yoga Studio in New Orleans with introducing him not only to the practice but also to the Yogic way of life. Brandon attended Northwestern University, and worked briefly at Al Jazeera in Qatar before graduating with a degree in Journalism. Shortly after school, the call to spiritual seeking was impossible to ignore. After attending a week-long silent retreat with Adyashanti, Brandon quit his job, unplugged his internet presence and spent a year in contemplation. This time off the grid gave him insight on what it would mean to show up authentically in the world something he seeks to deepen each day. Brandon's classes combine creative and dynamic flow with grounding meditations and dharma talks to begin each class. He holds space for students to deepen their practice and relationship to self, all while breaking a sweat!

Brandon Wilson’s Teaching Schedule

Fri 7:30-8:45PM Vinyasa 1-2 West Bucktown
Sat 2:30-3:45PM Vinyasa 1-2 West Bucktown